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Description download iec bs en 62305 1 4 free in pdf format. The concept is expanded upon in iecbs en 623053 and iecbs en 623054. Lightning protection design compliant to bs en 62305. As per iec 6230512010, protection measures may be adopted in order to reduce the risk according to the type of damage. Strikerisk management software furse a total solution for. Free download software to calculate risk assessment of lightning strike in buildings or facilities. And, compliant to the local regulations, then you are definitely in the right. Protection against lightning online risk assessment tool.

Selection of the most suitable spm is made using the risk assessment in accordance with iecbs en 623052. The iec 62305 suite of standards is ilustrated as a systematic approach in figure 1. In 2006, all these standards documents were substituted by complete multiparts standard iec 62305. Iec 62305 risk assessment software free download iec. Design guidelines for proper lightning protection system. Calculate the risk of a building according to main standards like iec en 62305. Iecen 623052 risk management software our latest risk software strikerisk v6. Design theory and philosophy the basic requirements of iec 62305 cover a detailed risk fac. Lightning protection design the conventional way, delivered unconventionally. Pdf the new method of lightning risk calculation developed within iec technical. Build new projects from one of a number of predefined templates based on variants of iecen 623052. Risk management bs eniec 623052 part 2 risk management approach. Lightning protection system manufacturers in india jef.

In order to evaluate whether or not lightning protection of a structure is needed, a risk assessment in accordance with the procedures contained in iec 623052 shall be made. General principles published by iec on december 1, 2010 this part of iec 62305 provides general principles to be followed for protection of structures against lightning, including their installations and contents, as well as persons. The international standard iec 62304 medical device software software life cycle processes is a standard which specifies life cycle requirements for the development of medical software and software within medical devices. The part 2 of bs en 62305 provides a comprehensive mathematical model to evaluate and manage the risk posed by lightning strikes and measures to alleviate the risk associated with earthing system designs. It classifies the sources and types of damage to be evaluated and introduces the risks or types of loss to be anticipated as a result of lightning activity.

And, in some of the most active regions of the planet. This means if you are looking for an effective lighting design service. Lightning risk assessment according to bs623052 furse. Iec 62305 risk assessment freeware software process assessment wb tool v. Iec 62305 part 1 general principles part 2 risk management part 3 measures to reduce physical damage measures and life hazard in a structure part 4 measures to reduce failures of electrical m and electronic systems in a structure electrical systems include internal power distribution. Iec 62305 risk assessment freeware free download iec. The international electrotechnical commission iec is the leading global organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. The first edition of the iec 62305 lightning protection.

A proper lightning protection system design is very important to ensure increased protection of a building against lightning and its effects. Iec 612 series for protection against lightning electromagnetic pulse lemp. The international electrotechnical commission iec is a body responsible for implementing international. During thunderstorms too, high volume of energy is instantaneously released which is more common in nature. In annex c of iec 623051, the simulation of the lightning current specific energy, charge, front current steepness for test purposes is described.

Figure 4 highlights the lpz concept as applied to the structure and to spm. In order to read a secure pdf, you will need to install the fileopen plugin on your computer. Iec 610241 series for lightning protection system lps. Protection against lightning a uk guide to the practical. The earthing tool of the dehnsupport software can be used to. Bs eniec 62305 lightning protection general standard. For this purpose, the iec standard comes with software, and additional. Janakiraman, senior manager product development, obo bettermann india pvt ltd explains the design guidelines. Bs eniec 623051 general principles this opening part of the bs eniec 62305 suite of standards serves as an introduction to the further parts of the standard. Typical spreadsheet related to the risk multilingual 1 software edition 1. In order to accomplish that, it is crucial to dominate two subjects. The fileopen plugin works with adobe reader and other viewers. Bs eniec 62305 lightning protection standard mafiadoc. Lars lars lightning assessment of risk for a structure.

Designing to the iec 62305 series of lightning protection standards. An invaluable tool for those involved in undertaking the complex risk assessment calculations. Physical damage to structures and life hazard software for design and calculation of lightning protection systems when designing lightning protection systems, various parameters must be taken into account. Provides general principles to be followed for the protection of structures against lightning, including their installations and contents, as well as persons.

Finally, methods to simulate lightning currents in laboratory are presented which allow the verification of lightning protection measures or components. Risk calculation results using different software based on new standard iec 623052. Generate a customized report containing a normative justification. Results can be achieved in minutes rather than the hours or days that it would take to do the calculations by hand. Missing page numbers correspond to the frenchlanguage pages.

En 623051 british national standard adoption of the above. You are probably aware of the new international european standard iecen 62305 for lightning protection, the second edition of which was. Protection against lightning online risk assessment tool iec 623052 2010 home protection against lightning online risk assessment tool iec 623052 2010 step 1. Risk management this englishlanguage version is derived from the original bilingual publication by leaving out all frenchlanguage pages. Grey matters has a unique mix of specialist experience covering global lightning protection design solutions. This application is simple to use and highly intuitive, in order to. In annex d of iec 623051, the test parameters simulating the effects thermal, mechanical, electrical, acoustical of. Pdf comparison of lightning risk calculation results. Bs eniec 623051 part 1 is an introduction to the other parts of the standard and essentially describes how to design a lightning protection system lps in accordance with the accompanying parts of the standard. Parts 1 to 4 of the international iec 62305 standard series. Design calculations of lightning protection systems part.

Bs en 623052 is a key to the correct implementation of bs en 623053 and bs en 623054. Iec 62305 risk assessment, free iec 62305 risk assessment software downloads. Organization of the four parts of iec 62305 protection against. If using commercially available software, care should be taken to ensure that all indices used within the software are consistent with those in bs en 62305, as some iec or european versions for use in other countries may have different indices set by their own respective national authorities.

About us we believe everything in the internet must be free. The first one is the software tool given with the iec 623052. International iec standard 623052 first edition 200601 protection against lightning part 2. The nfpa 780 standard is currently published under the 2014 edition, with public input for consideration of the technical committee for the next 2017 edition figure 2. Strikerisk enables users to split a structure into multiple. Iec and en standards the specification of a lightning protection system should require that the design complies with the iec 62305 series of design standards and that materials comply with the en 50164 series of component standards.

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