Audi a6 2002 manual oil change

Locate the service interval display, which is below the odometer. Your transmission also has a filter which should be changed at least every 2 trans oil changes to prolong the life of your tranny. However, it cannot replace the owners manual and the. A few words about oil use viscosity audi recommends. Since that time, the oil temperature shows about 2030 degrees f lower on the gauge. Free video on how to change the oil and oil filter in a 2002 audi allroad quattro 2. Liked and knew a ton about my car specifically and even chose the appointment because of it. Complete instructions for a 2002 audi allroad quattro 2. Oct 28, 2011 id take it to a reputable independent garage. The oil signal went off and the car appeared to be ok. Additionally, audi vehicles must use oil that conforms to their vw 502 00 specifications for gasoline engines, or vw 507 00 specification for diesel engines. Aparently you bought an audi without a lower engine shroud. Audi a6 reset service light indicator, engine oil life, service indicator oil reset maintenance light audi a6 years 2016, 2017, 2018. In 2002, the a6 received a facelift for both sedan and avant versions.

Thank you for using car how to and the oil reset pro app. How often should you change your oil audi north miami fl. Audi a6 oil change fill capacity for models with v6 engines. You will save a lot of money by using these products regularly. The engine oil is designed to lubricate the internal.

Our professional oil change kits contain everything required to perform the highest quality oil change in your audi or volkswagen. Audi a4 cvt transmission tcm removal step by step duration. The engine oil is designed to lubricate the internal components of your audi a6 engine, but as it is used, the less lubricating it becomes, which can cause permanent wear to the inside components of your engine. If theres any specialist audimercbmw garage near you, id let them do it.

Regardless, its important to read your manual and find the ideal interval for your car. Europa parts blog took advantage of a beautiful, warm march day to prepare a detailed diy to help guide you through your first oil change. This video shows you how to change the oil and oil filter in your 2006 audi a6 quattro. Viscosity engine oil is manufactured in different viscosities to meet the. A few words about oil use viscosity audi recommends castrol. Simply input your vehicles vin and mileage for a convenient way to see the maintenance schedule for your car. See your dealer or reference your audi owners manual for the proper procedure to check the oil level. The best 1 year, 25,000 mile motor oil change exact fit recommended for your 2002 audi a6 3. Audi requires the use of a scan tool to reset the maintenance light. The video footage shows an allroad the steps also apply to audi a6 2. If you have lost your owners manual and are having difficulty determining what type of audi a6 oil to use, you may wish to refer to our blau audi oil change kits which match the correct audi a6 oil for specific models. Using this lubricant can help you avoid seeing your mechanic as much as possible. We recommend wearing safety glasses whenever you are.

Audi recommends checking the engine oil level at every fillup, and always before a long trip. Put 75w90 in the manual transmission after clutch replacement but shifting was notchy and would grind when cold. Dear audi driver, this quick reference guide gives you a brief introduction. Audi a6 reset service light indicator oil life maintenance. How to change audi transmission fluid audi transmission. Pelican parts technical article audi a6 c5 engine oil change. Audi claims it will last a lifetime, but most experts recommend changing it by the 50k mile mark if you plan on keeping the car for many years. Page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 table of contents page 5 page 6 page 7 notes on this owners manual page 8 page 9 controls page 10 page 11 controls and displays page 12 page instruments and warningindicator lamps page 14 page 15 page 16 fuel gauge page 17 warning and indicator lamps page 18 page 19 page 20 page 21 page 22 page 23.

I will now be changing the transmission oil every 40k. When it comes to your audi a6 quattro, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. There will be no time to grab any more buckets or oil pans if you underestimate, so make sure that the one you choose is big enough. If theres any specialist audi mercbmw garage near you, id let them do it. When you change your own oil, you know that you are putting quality oil in your a6 quattro and that the filter is being changed too. The average price of a 2015 audi a6 oil change can vary depending on location.

This is due to the vehicle engines break in period. Audi recommends that customers use synthetic oil with a society of automotive engineers viscosity grade of 5w40 for normal driving across regular temperature ranges. Oct 26, 2015 press and hold the clock set button located in the instrument panel until the display resets and then release. How to change transmission fluid and filter on audi a6.

Advance auto parts has 39 different oil filter for your vehicle, ready for shipping or instore pick up. Is it time to change the transmission oil in your audi a6 c6. Basic oil and filter change for the audi a4 auto repair. Audi a6, audi a6 avant quick reference guide dearaudi driver, the aim of this quick reference guide is to introduce you to the main features and controls of your vehicle. I drove another 5 miles to a shop to have the oil checked and i had about 2 quarts added. These specifications include oils made by manufacturers such as castrol, mobil, pennzoil, shell and valvoline. Although there has been a lot of progress extending engine oil and filter life, eventually youre going to have to get that oil replaced.

While the oil is draining, it is a good time to remove the oil filter. Reinstall the audi automatic transmission fluid oil fill plug hand tight. Repairs are more frequent for the a6 quattro, so you may experience a few more visits to your audi shop than normal. If it isnt printed on the oil cap, check your owners manual for the exact type before adding new oil. Apr 04, 2016 audi a6 c6 changing engine oil how to change oil give your engine a transfusion of fresh new oil. To reset the 2002 audi a6 oil message after an oil change, please follow these instructions. Recommended audi a6 motor oils types of audi a6 oil specs.

These oils are appropriate for all audi engines, whether gasoline or diesel. Pelican parts technical article audi a6 c5 engine oil. Oil reset blog archive 2002 audi a6 oil message reset. Audi a6 quattro oil change wilsonville, oregon showed up on time, answered all my questions, was super nice and good to talk to in general. Frugal people use these products to make their vehicle last longer. Visit to learn about the maintenance needs of your audi and. Audi has stated that engine oil use may be higher in the first 3000 miles of the vehicles life. Change audi 6 speed manual 02m transmission oil youtube. Recommended oil, gasoline and diesel fuel approved engine oils for audi vehicles. Buy a 2002 audi a6 quattro oil filter at discount prices. You may need to use an oil filter wrench to get it loose. The cost of this service or repair can vary by location, your vehicles. This quick reference guide cannot replace the information contained in the owners manual.

Some motor oils specify on the container that they adhere to audi standards. I was driving my 2002 audi a6 today leaving home and after going about a mile the oil signal starting flashing. The owners manual states factory filled with 0w30, can also use 5w30 or 5w40 dino or syn. As an audi owner, you deserve to know what it takes to help maintain your cars exceptionally engineered performanceand our maintenance tool was designed to do just that. Aug 29, 2019 using the high output pump replaces audi special tool vag 1924 supplied with our audi transmission filter kit, fill the oil pan with the audi automatic transmission fluid until it runs out. You dont want to wait too long to drain and replenish your engine oil, but.

Three years after its release, this audi a6 model was featured on car and driver magazines ten best list thanks to a wide range of engines, including the 2. Audi a6 service and repair manuals free workshop manuals. Press and hold the clock set button located in the instrument panel until the display resets and then release. This product is made of highquality components to meet and exceed strict quality requirements.

Although audi states that their transmission fluid has a life time span, it does wear like any other component in the car and needs to be changed. Using the high output pump replaces audi special tool vag 1924 supplied with our audi transmission filter kit, fill the oil pan with the audi automatic transmission fluid until it runs out. Rockauto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. With your foot pressed down on the brake pedal, shift the. Most importantly, you get a chance to look around under your a6 quattro for potential trouble spots. Oil use can vary depending on oil quality, oil viscosity, engine rpms, outside temperature, road conditions, oil dilution caused by condensing water, fuel residue, or even oxidation of the oil. Automobile audi a6 pricing and specification manual 68 pages automobile audi a8 pricing and specification manual. How to reset audi a6 and s6 service due light in seconds. When service in 0 mi appears in the display, turn the ignition switch to the off position. Choose top quality brands ac delco, api, beck arnley, bosch, carquest, denso, ecogard, fram, hastings. Audi a6 2002, pento hight performance sae 5w30 full synthetic motor oil, 1 liter 1. Order everything required to perform the highestquality oil change in your.

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